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Poslaťod MichaelDike » 12. Jún. 2018, 13:46:10

I’m looking for suggestions on a good way to create a graphic model of the solar system in Python that will run stand alone or on a web page. It’s something I want to work on with my some, and I’m aiming for very basic. I want to set up a semi-scale system of concentric circular orbits. (Keeping it simple for now.)
I’ve modeled the underlying orbit algorithms in Scratch that satisfy me. Now I want to translate that to a higher level language. Things is, the last time I did any “programming” it was creating Perl scripts about 20 years ago. Much has changed. From my research so far it sounds like an object-oriented approach would be best as I can create a class for the planets with the necessary parameters. I should be able to (and want to) figure that part out on my own.
My question is how to make it a graphic environment? I want my planets to consist of JPEG images. I’ve seen references to Qt, turtles, and some other things. However, I have no idea what would be the best module(?) to use with Python. Any suggestions?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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